An Unstoppable Gamble


It is unstoppable gamble today

I actually don’t know however it is going to continue to work almost any how?
It’s going forward to maintain the lead

I really don’t understand where it will head or end

It’s definitely in appropriate leadership

All moves suggest same actions
Maybe Not facing any barrier or response

Mostly agreed on it with No friction

It took at no moment maybe not fraction of second

I was determined to drive some way and had been quite fond
It needed to cut ice and give the most favorable result

I had enough of it in the form of insult

It sensible step to take me to new elevation

I had thrown all of my attempts with a Great Deal of burden
It was that I can do or offer

You will find many who didn’t side with me personally and whined

I needed to compete with all my arguments

It had been all nice but faced with crucial moments
There Is certain however calculated motion

If failed to materialize then it was to invite crucial comments

I moved on with all probabilities

There were taken sure doubts
I had been fully assured of out come from infinity

It had been all there at the near area

It needed final attack and Close to push

It did not need and hasty hurry
It was to possess final touch

It was venture of no one but of my

You’ve Got ample chance to display and prove

You may find disfavor and they may disapprove
It has nothing to do with your attempts or Robust zeal

The attempt is worthy and also to be faced as actual

“Come what might” and it may pave the way

The route could look straight open and lay
Make the foot prints onto it and split your Upcoming

Make it worthwhile and work it for certain

Why it will not succumb to your efforts or return?

Why can not you really go for kill if open is field?
It Needs to have far reaching consequences

It is possible to site many examples of such cases

I have become for shaping the destiny

There Can be put backs or close around mutiny
It might not valued or disliked by many

I will Improve the empire without having solitary cent

The race Isn’t for any material profit but only survival

It requires tremendous attempts or zeal for revival
What I craved originally was direction and crystal clear guide outlines?

I was able to select up afterwards and able to read between lines

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